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Overdraft Privilege is a service provided by Timberland Federal Credit Union to protect your account from excessive overdraft fees. With overdraft privilege, when an item is presented and funds are not available, you are charged an overdraft privilege fee. However, the item will be paid up to your $500 negative limit. This will avoid additional fees from returning the check (vendors sometimes charge more than $75 for return items) and possible additional returns.

Extended Overdraft Privilege – ATM/Debit

Extended Overdraft Privilege for ATM/debit cards works the same way as the overdraft for your regular checking account items. Your $500 overdraft limit can also help protect you against funds availability when our systems are not available or down for maintenance.

Overdraft Privilege for checking and ATM/debit carries no monthly or annual fee, and you are only charged a fee when you use the service.

View more details on the Overdraft Privilege program.