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A Credit Union YOU can GROW with!

Timberland Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative, owned and operated democratically by members like you! Our Board of Directors consists of volunteers, who are elected at our annual meeting by our members. 

The National Credit Union Administration insures your Share Savings at the credit union to at least $250,000.

Our goal is to provide our membership with high quality service, understanding, and convenience. We hope you will use your credit union membership and discover the fantastic value and rewards of TFCU!

The Timberland Timeline

1973 - Our credit union opened their doors as Riverside Employees Federal Credit Union. At the end of our first year of operation, membership had grown to 843 with $129,000 in assets. The “official” offices were above the old Riverside store #3 (currently the Giant Eagle) in DuBois.

1985 - the Board of Directors decided to change the name to Timberland Federal Credit Union to attract other companies and reflect the diverse company base it was building. “Timberland” was chosen because DuBois was once known for its timber industry, and in French, “DuBois” means “of the woods.”

2002 - Timberland Federal Credit Union expanded its operations by adding a second branch in Clearfield.

2016-18 - 2016 Your credit union opened a third branch in Philipsburg and a fourth branch in Pleasant Gap (2018), while expanding our charter to Jefferson and Centre counties as well as Clearfield county.

2023- TFCU celebrates it's 50th anniversary!

...and beyond - Your credit union is committed to building relationships in the communities we serve while keeping its focus on YOU, an owner. Timberland Federal Credit Union, a credit union, YOU can GROW with!

Meet The Timber Team


YOUR Board of Directors

Timberland Federal Credit Union’s all-volunteer Board of Directors is elected by the membership at the annual meeting every March. The Board, in turn, makes policy decisions for the operation of the Credit Union. The current Board is: 

Mark Lambert – Chair
Initial Member since: 2018

Craig Moore –Vice Chair
Initial Member since: 2018

Faith Maguire – 2nd Vice Chair
Initial Member since: 2019

Joel Slagan - Secretary
Initial Member since: 2014

Colby Bechdel – Treasurer
Initial Member since: 2023

Shane Pentz- Board Member
Intial Member Since: 2010

Vince Cieslewicz- Board Member
Initial Member Since: 2021

Supervisory Committee

In addition, the Board of Directors appoints a Supervisory Committee that is dedicated to ensure policies and procedures are in place to safeguard the assets of the Membership. The current Supervisory Committee is:

Dale Moore - Supervisory Chair

Tiffany Inhoof – Supervisory Member

Keith Barry – Supervisory Member

Executive Management

Joel Slagan, CFE, CAMS, NCRM, CUCE, CCUFC – President | CEO

Shane Pentz – Executive Vice President | Chief Financial Officer 

Bill Costan –Senior Vice President | Chief Operations Officer (NMLS #1038499)

Senior Leaders

Stephanie Bagshaw, CIS I – AVP Regional Operations Manager

Jay Edmiston, NCBSO, NCCO, CCUFC – AVP Communications/Compliance (NMLS #1099864)

Kelly Marsh - VP Business Development | Branch Manager