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A Credit Union YOU can GROW with!

Timberland Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative, owned and operated democratically by members like you! Our Board of Directors consists of volunteers, who are elected at our annual meeting by our members. 

The National Credit Union Administration insures your Share Savings at the credit union to at least $250,000.

Our goal is to provide our membership with high quality service, understanding, and convenience. We hope you will use your credit union membership and discover the fantastic value and rewards of TFCU!

Our Story

Our Story started in 1973 nestled in the basement of a Dubois PA house, where we were originally known as Riverside Employees FCU.Our credit union eventually moved above the Riverside store, now the current location of Giant Eagle in DuBois PA.

With great foresight, the 1985 board of directors changed our name to Timberland Federal Credit Union. DuBois was known for their Timber industry and in French “DuBois” means “of the woods”. This new name helped cement the credit union as a staple of the community.

Our new name, a move to our current home at 821 Beaver Drive, and a charter change to serve other areas set the groundwork to reach a new milestone of $30MM in assets. In 2002 we opened our second location on Clearfield Curwensville Highway in Clearfield PA. To say our 1985 board was impactful for years to come, is an understatement.

Our Credit union slowed down a bit as we acclimated ourselves with two branches until history was made again in 2010. TFCU hired our very first CFO, now EVP/CFO, Shane Pentz. The Pentz Era rejuvenated the credit union, giving us the strength to break the mold of what used to be, accelerating our path forward. While our books were better than ever before, our credit union experienced adversities once again in 2013, this time with a much-needed change in operations.

2014 became another landmark year with the hiring of our first COO. TFCU was about to enter a major era in growth and progress. Over the next five years Slagan, alongside Pentz, opened a third location in Philipsburg and a fourth location in Pleasant gap. Our credit union was operationally and financially sound, but there was still work to be done, goals to achieve.

Joel Slagan was officially named President /CEO in 2019 and his first order of business was to hire arguably the most important piece of the puzzle, a security and IT outfit named Dixoncom. Not long after this much needed change was implemented, a close partnership was formed with Happy Valley Financial Services, giving our members other opportunities that would not exist inside the credit union movement otherwise. A Timber 10 partner program was implemented, breaking the mold of the vendor/credit union relationship. This in turn, allowed for even more benefits to the Members, while strengthening the bonds of local businesses in our community.

With a strong financial leadership, operational changes, and strong IT security, combined with partnerships in our communities, our credit union began to boom again. Over the next five years, our credit union grew more than 50% in assets while making history again and again to our bottom line. Our credit union, YOUR credit union has a strong succession and disaster recovery plan in place to launch us into our future, YOUR future, wherever that may take you! We may only have four branches to visit, but our reach goes well beyond those walls - we have over 30,000 surcharge free ATM’s for our members to access and much more convenient on line applications to do so much from the comfort of your own home.

Our story doesn't end here, we feel that it's just beginning. Our members are our owners, we will never lose sight of that. We will continue to embrace change as the world inevitably does, so that we can continue to be a credit union YOU can GROW with! The Lambert rule (A credit to our 2023 Chairman, Mark Lambert) of miles deep and inches wide over the reverse will continue to be in the forefront of our strategic plans with a promise to our members, to stay relevant and always do Moore! (A credit to our 2023 Vice Chair, Craig Moore). While we continue to grow with an eye on the future, we will never lose sight of the credit union philosophy “people helping people”.

And that's our story… for now. As we celebrate and look back fondly on our first 50 years, we know there is still a lot left to do. We are excited for what the future will bring, and with the help of our Members, will continue to be “A credit union YOU can GROW with!”

Meet The Timber Team


YOUR Board of Directors

Timberland Federal Credit Union’s all-volunteer Board of Directors is elected by the membership at the annual meeting every March. The Board, in turn, makes policy decisions for the operation of the Credit Union. The current Board is: 

Mark Lambert – Chair
Initial Member since: 2018

Craig Moore –Vice Chair
Initial Member since: 2018

Faith Maguire – 2nd Vice Chair
Initial Member since: 2019

Joel Slagan - Secretary
Initial Member since: 2014

Colby Bechdel – Treasurer
Initial Member since: 2023

Shane Pentz- Board Member
Intial Member Since: 2010

Vince Cieslewicz- Board Member
Initial Member Since: 2021

Supervisory Committee

In addition, the Board of Directors appoints a Supervisory Committee that is dedicated to ensure policies and procedures are in place to safeguard the assets of the Membership. The current Supervisory Committee is:

Dale Moore - Supervisory Chair

Tiffany Inhoof – Supervisory Member

Keith Barry – Supervisory Member

Senior & Executive Management

Joel Slagan, CFE, CAMS, NCRM, CUCE, CCUFC – President | CEO

Shane Pentz – Executive Vice President | Chief Financial Officer 

Chad Feather – VP Member Relations

Stephanie Bagshaw, CIS I – AVP Operations

Management Team

Mike Curtorillo - Business Development Manager

Tina Timko - Branch Manager, DuBois

Stephanie Horton - Branch Manager, Philipsburg

Jacob Stiles - Office Manager, DuBois

Randy Harris - Branch Manager, Clearfield