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Employee Spotlight


Meet our AMAZING staff here at TFCU!

We know we have the best staff around, and we want you to get to know everyone! Keep checking back as we highlight different employees!



Meet Marcus

Name: Marcus Stephenson

Hometown: Curwensville

Position: Operations Specialist

Time with TFCU: 7.5 Years

What do you like most about working for TFCU:
As cliche as it may sound (feel free to crop that if it doesn't sound good), the thing I enjoy most about working for TFCU is helping out members. Everybody wants to do something where they feel like they matter. I can say I feel that the most when somebody comes to me with an issue, and I am able to find a solution that suits their needs. I also appreciate the sense of security I am provided knowing that I have a team of knowledgeable individuals around me, that share a similar goal of helping our members.

Favorite Community Event:
I'd say the parades are my favorite. I remember being a kid and how hype I would get about parades. Now being on the other side of things and seeing how hype kids get to see us come through giving out candy makes volunteering all the more worth it!

Fun Fact:
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE skateboarding and collecting sneakers. (Can you tell?) Nothing beats grabbing your headphones and skateboard after a long day of work and hitting the park to temporarily escape into your own little world. Collecting sneakers is cool because once you get into it, you realize that there is a mini stock market centered around these things that you put on your feet.



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