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Meet our AMAZING team here at TFCU!

We know we have the best team around, and we want you to get to know everyone! Keep checking back as we highlight different teammates!


Help us welcome Deanna, one of our newest faces in Clearfield. She's been all over the country but we're lucky enough to have her on our team now!

Name: Deanna Root

Hometown: Ocala, Florida

Position: MRO

Time with TFCU: One month

What do you like most about working for TFCU: The feeling of family. I really love being in Clearfield and working with the team I have been blessed with.

Favorite community event: I coach youth bowling and I enjoy helping with youth sports, such as soccer and gymnastics. I also enjoy small town festivals.

Fun Fact:  I was a Paratrooper in the US Army, I met my husband in Hawaii, and I have lived in almost every state south of the Mason Dixon line


Cassidy is running the show in our Philipsburg branch. She may be new to TFCU but she's a familiar face to the locals!

Name: Cassidy Bauman

Hometown: Philipsburg, PA

Position: Senior Membership Relationship Officer

Time with TFCU: Almost two months

What do you like most about working for TFCU: That everyone feels like a big family!!

Favorite community event: Jeans for a Cause!

Fun Fact: I am newly engaged and a HUGE New England Patriots Fan despite growing up in a Steelers household!



Mark not only sits on YOUR Board of Directors, he also runs the show at our Community Partner


Name: Mark J Lambert

Hometown: Bellefonte, PA

Time with TFCU: Since Day One of the Pleasant Gap branch opening

What do you like most about TFCU: The out of the box thinking of the staff, and our community awareness.

Favorite community event: Grange Fair

Fun Fact: #1 on my bucket list is to deliver a baby






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