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Account Fees:

Account Closure Within 90 Days of Opening

Account Reconciliation/Reserach $10.00/Hour
*ACH Origination $8.00/request (or Free online via Updated Effective 7/1/2021*
ATM: Balance Inquiry $1.00/Each
ATM: Withdrawal (In Excess of 10) $1.00/Each
Bad Address/Undeliverable Mail $10.00/Month
Below Par $10.00/Month
Bill Payer FREE
Certified Check, Teller Check to third party $10.00
Christmas Club Early Withdrawal $10.00/withdrawal
Check Cashing or Cash Back on Deposited Item $5.00 fee applies to members with savings only and receiving cash back on an item greater than savings balance
Negative Collection $25.00
Copy of Cleared Teller Check/Money Order $5.00 
Deposited Item Return $30.00
Draft Copy $5.00 (FREE via Virtual Branch)
Dormant Account $10.00
Escheat $50.00
IRA Closing $50.00
Garnishment $25.00
Legal Processing (Tax levies, Summons) $50.00
Money Order $2.00
Non-Member Money Order $4.00
Paper Statements $3.00 per cycle
Non Sufficient Funds (NSF) $33/Item
Overdraft $33.00/Item
Photocopy $1.00/Copy (first 2 free)
Reg D Limit Exceeded $33.00/Item
Returned Item $30.00/Item
Share Draft Printing Varies By Style
Statement Copy $5.00/cycle
Stop Payment $30.00/Item, $35.00/Series
Western Union: Domestic $25.00
VISA/Mastercard Replacement Card $10.00
VISA Gift Card $4.95
Wire Transfer – Outgoing: Domestic $20.00
Per Value of One Share $5.00
DORMANT ACCOUNT NOTICE: If your account has no activity for 12 months you will be sent a letter reminding you that your account is still active. If you receive this letter, simply return the enclosed letter and to indicate that you would like to keep your account open and active. After your account has been dormant for more than 13 months a $10.00 per month fee will be assessed to your account until you notify the credit union.
NEW ADDRESS CHANGE/PHONE NUMBER UPDATE: All members are asked to notify the credit union of any changes in address or phone number. It is costly to both the credit union and the members when outdated information is on our system. Also, if you notice an error in your name, address, or phone number please contact us immediately so it can be corrected. If statements and other mail is returned to the credit union as bad address you may be charged $5.00 per month until the information is corrected.